Dear colleagues,

ageing of the world population is an issue of broad interest due to expected changes in health and social systems and economics of many countries all over the world. Older adults usually suffer from multiple chronic health problems and utilize more medicines, therefore rational, effective, and safe medication use in this population is a key issue also for future healthcare economies. For this reason, we decided to organize upcoming 2022 European Symposium on Clinical Pharmacy on the topic “Polypharmacy and ageing – opportunities for highly individualized, interprofessional, patient-centered care” and this event will be held from October 19 to 21, 2022 in Prague, Czech Republic in the Congress Venue and Hotel Olšanka.

The Prague 2022 ESCP Symposium will focus on invited lectures, workshops, and international networking activities in safe and effective medication use in older adults and will emphasize substantial impact of polypharmacy and inappropriate drug prescribing on individuals and the society. This event will also underline the importance of development of clinical pharmacy services in various settings of care, patient-centered approach, shared-decision making and interprofessional cooperation of various experts in rational geriatric pharmacotherapy, including professionals from different fields of pharmacy and medicine, researchers, politicians, and drug regulators, as well as patients and their informal care providers.

Subtopics covered during the Prague 2022 ESCP Symposium will be: population ageing and preparedness of healthcare systems for demographic, social and economic changes; medication efficacy and safety, deprescribing strategies and changes in the therapeutic value of drugs in the aged; geriatric frailty, drug risks and polypharmacy; palliative care; education and clinical practice ensuring highly individualized pharmacotherapy, interprofessional care across various setting of care, patient-centered approach and active involvement of patients in shaping the policy and safe medication practice at micro-, meso- and macro-levels. Our intention is to organize this 2022 ESCP Symposium in a live form, however, it can be changed into a fully online form in case of serious problems with COVID-19 pandemic in autumn 2022.

We cordially invite you to participate in the Prague 2022 ESCP Symposium organized in the heart of Europe, the beautiful city of Prague!

We hope we will be able to meet personally again and newly intensify our international and European contacts and networking activities!

With best regards,

Assoc. Prof. Daniela Fialová, PharmD, PhD.

Prague 2022 ESCP Symposium President and Organizing Committee Chair

Prof. Derek Stewart, PgCert, BSc. (1st), MSc., PhD., FRPharmS, FFRPS

President of the European Society of Clinical Pharmacy

Dr. Monika Lutters, PharmD, PhD.

Scientific Committee Chair and Treasurer of the ESCP

PharmDr. Jana Gregorová, Ph.D.

Organizing Committee Vice-Chair

PharmDr. Milada Halačová, Ph.D.

Scientific Committee Vice-Chair